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About illume™ 

The illume Skylight Alternative System can be installed in any room on any floor, even in the basement.

illume™ adds the ambience of sky lighting to buildings where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight could not be fitted.

Where there may not be suitable access or space in the roof cavity to allow for a traditional skylight shaft or ducting due to roof structure or positioning of airconditioning units/ducting, Clearview Skylights can install illume™ Skylight Alternative System.

illume™ collects light on the roof mounted solar panel which then travels down a transfer cable and emits light through the ceiling mounted light panel.  illume™ Light Panels are available in round, square or rectangle with a range of different sizes available to suit both small and large rooms. 

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Left Picture: Light Panel installed, not connected to Solar Panel
Right Picture: Light Panel connected to Solar Panel and emitting light 

illume™ Brochure (click to open)

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