Add More Light To Your Interior With illume

Are you looking to impart light into a dark space naturally? Welcome to Clearview Skylights! We have a variety of illume skylight alternative solutions that will bring light to a dark room as well as transform a dull space to be welcoming and more operative. illume™ skylight alternative systems collect light on the roof mounted solar panel which then travels down a transfer cable and emits light through the ceiling mounted light panel. illume™ Light Panels are available in round, square or rectangle with a range of different sizes available to suit both small and large rooms and even basements.

Our teams of professional skylight specialists are experts always ready to help our clients determine the type and style of illume to choose. We also help our clients to choose the best place for fixing illume to maximize light. Where there may not be suitable access or space in the roof cavity to allow for a traditional skylight shaft or ducting due to roof structure or positioning of air conditioning units/ducting, Clearview Skylights can install the illume™ Skylight Alternative System.

Our experts carry out the illume installation in the most affordable and hassle-free manner. So, we’re known for soundless, economical, and durable operation. All our systems are distinct and low profile so they do not affect your home’s architectural styling. Irrespective of the type of roof or style of architecture, Clearview Skylights can provide the most innovative design and unique installation service available. We have over 25 years’ experience installing skylights in residential homes, offices, factories and other commercial spaces.

illume brightens the space and level of your home guaranteeing no roof penetrations or leaks. Some of the advantages of illume skylight alternatives are:

  • It replicates outside lighting conditions into the darkest spaces even basements.
  • It guarantees no bugs, no leaks and no heat transfer.
  • Eco friendly green technology that reduces your carbon footprint by using solar power.

Let us show you how Clearview Skylights can create your own natural clean and free light in even the darkest room to create the feeling of space! Book in a free measure and quote today!

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Left Picture: Light Panel installed, not connected to Solar Panel
Right Picture: Light Panel connected to Solar Panel and emitting light